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HIGH ARCHES (Supination)

Supination is medical term for HIGH ARCHES in the feet. This condition can cause pain over the ball of the foot, ankle strain, aching legs and pain over the ball of the foot, especially on the outside of the foot. Also excessive wear can normally be seen along the outer edge and back of the heels of shoes. This condition is hereditary and is thought to effect about 4% of the population. Another problem associated with high arches is over time they can fall if not supported, causing fallen arches of the feet.

Certainly the first line of defence for this condition is good supporting shoes which have a toe box and a low heel. Useful treatments for painful high arches are anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin and Ibuprofen gel/tablets. Cold ice-pack compresses can be useful in reducing any swelling with stretching exercises and massage both being beneficial.

In conjunction to these treatments, netral posted orthotics such as the ready made range or the heat mouldable FootSupports footbed orthotics are the most effective means of treating this condition. They are designed to spread the load more evenly, distributing the bodies weight over the ball of the foot and along the arch.

FootSupports Orthotics Full Length Custom Support

The DFO Heat Custom Supports Orthotic offer a personalised custom fit. They work by maintaining and supporting the arch, whilst the heat to fit properties allows the insole to mould exactly to the shape of the foot. This in turn stops the foot having to compensate for any abnormalities - These unique features produces a device which was previously only been achievable with costly prescription custom made Orthotics. 

1 pair per pack £32.00

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