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Athletes Foot Care

Athletes Foot treatments - Lamisil, Daktarin and Gehwol anti-fungal treatments.

Despite the name athletes foot this condition doesn't only infect sporty feet. It is a contagious fungal infection that anyone can get and affects as many as one in seven adults. The fungus that causes athlete's foot is a spore that can survive for up to two years and is usually picked up from walking barefoot across communal changing rooms

The infection usually starts between the little toe and the one next to it. At first the skin is itchy and sore sometimes becomes white, macerated and blisters. Then it starts to crack and peel and if untreated it can spreads to other areas, like the toe nails and sole of the foot.

There are various creams and solutions that can be used to help prevent athlete's foot also some measures that you can take to avoid contracting athlete's foot are do not wear shoes without socks or tights, wear footwear which allow your feet to breath, wherever possible allow fresh air to get to your feet, consider wearing plastic shoes like flip-flops in communal showers, changing rooms and around pools, wash feet daily and dry them carefully; never share towels, change socks or tights daily and select socks and shoes made from natural materials.

For treatment of athletes foot, simple cases can sometimes be helped with creams, and sprays.


Athletes Foot