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FootSupports Orthotics Range
FootSupports orthotics come in Medium Density (Blue Top) and Semi-Rigid Density (Grey Top). They are designed to give regular (Blue Top Orthotics) and maximum (Grey Top Orthotics) control and support to the foot.

These orthotics incorporate a deep heel cup and a moulded and contoured metatarsal and transverse arch support. These help to re-align the foot and helps stabilise the lower limb in the correct position thus removing many of the tractional forces and providing relief from related symptoms and complaints.

Heat Mouldable Orthotics Range
Custom heat mouldable orthotics which are suitable for flat feet and excessively high arched feet. They are made for use in applications where performance and stability are more important than just shock absorption.

Heat custom mouldable orthotics are suitable for a variety of boots, trainers, sports shoes and footwear which have removable insoles.

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